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Britain's love of takeaways and dining out fuels rise in food poisoning to 2.

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Pert: She seems unconcerned about her lack of clothes as she wanders casually around the house.

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Harvey Weinstein's lawyer says he's only guilty of cheating on his wife and argues it doesn't make him a

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Bikini babes: Left to right Corin, Rachael and Ife put on their bikinis to have a wash on the first day of being in the Big Brother house.

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With the exception of Sunshine, who was excluded from the meal because she has vertigo, housemates were strapped into chairs which were attached to a table, which was then hoisted 40 metres into the air.

Description: Julie Walters, 69, reveals she didn't know she had bowel cancer when she visited late friend Victoria Wood Pictured: Islamic holy man, 69, who was stabbed in the shoulder in Regent's Park Mosque knife horror - as

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