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So did that reaction from fans affect the way you guys handled it going forward?

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I've been dancing since I was four, so that's why Emily wrote it in because she knew that I could do it.

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And working out, for Waverly, what that means and who she is and how she fits into this.

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31 "Wynonna Earp" Moments That Prove Waverly And Nicole Are The Best Couple On TV Right Now

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I think, with a genre like this, a genre show, where the mythology is so complicated, so complex, the first season is all about setting up the world and introducing the characters, and we start the second season exactly where we left off and just continue with the momentum.

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So do you do a lot of extracurricular lessons?

Description: But stepping over the boundary did let some new evil in.

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  1. is it ... simply ... an 'older' ... woman ... who wants to 'know' the joys of this world ... ???

  2. This ubiquitous POV style is getting seriously annoying. Be a little inventive with the camera angles, please